Concrete Flower Planters

Whether to decorate your home, to delimit spaces or to enhance the appearance of a neighborhood, flower planters represent an aesthetic and accessible added value all year round! Out of season, why not use them to decorate during holidays such as Christmas or Halloween?

Discover our range of flower planters to select the one that best suits your project. Use them to install signage too!

Did you know that some of them also act as protective bollards? This is particularly true for the planters intended for public safety: Baja, Milky Way and Horizon planters!

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Integrate instant messaging into your planter now! Intended to ensure public safety, the flower planters can now display information relevant to the community, such as traffic, potential dangers, event announcements, etc.


Our Comet flower planters never go unnoticed. Have fun developing beautiful flower arrangements. 

  • Measuring 38 inches (965 mm), it’s easy to create stunning flower arrangements in height
  • In the residential, commercial or municipal sector
  • Resistant to Quebec winters
  • Requires no maintenance and is easy to install
  • Smooth, anti-graffiti finish
Technical specs
planteur urbain


The Azure Planter, like the full range of Flower Planters, can be customized to match the color of the surrounding building.

  • Measures 42 inches (1067 mm)
  • Perfect size for developing eye-catching floral creations
  • In the residential, commercial or municipal sector
  • Smooth, anti-graffiti finish
  • Possibility of being installed in all environments
  • Withstands all types of weather
  • Why not add some color to it?
Technical specs


Compose a tall floral arrangement with the Celestial flower planter.

  • Dimension of 60 inches (1524 mm), which makes it very solid
  • Does not require any ground anchoring
  • Has its own drainage system to eliminate water accumulation
  • In the residential, commercial or municipal sector
  • Smooth, anti-graffiti finish
  • Easy to maintain and to install
Technical specs


Imagined in a timeless and elegant design, the Baja flower planter will never go out of style.

  • Size of 48 inches (1219 mm)
  • In the residential, commercial or municipal sector
  • An ideal size that allows several different layouts
  • Integrated drainage system 
  • Perfect for adding signage
  • Color? Why not!
Technical specs
planteur urbain


The Horizon Flower Planter is the ideal option for protecting pedestrians, sidewalks and buildings.

  • Increased safety: its size makes it possible to stop vehicles on impact
  • Reflective element: the Jansen Industrie logo is carefully affixed and is used as a reflector in the dark
  • Smooth, anti-graffiti finish
  • Easy to maintain and to install

NEW OPTION! Add instant messaging to your planter! This is the solution to announce potential dangers, events and even traffic!

Would you like to see instant messaging in action? Click here !

Technical specs


Have fun creating stunning floral displays with our range of urban planters.

  • Size of 72 inches (1829 mm)
  • 32 inch (813 mm) depth
  • Smooth, anti-graffiti finish
  • Easy to maintain and to install
  • Resistant to Quebec climatic conditions
Technical specs
planteur urbain


Enhance the elegance of the Luna concrete bench by integrating a planter along its entire length. Create fabulous floral creations!

  • Increased privacy for people seated on either side of the planter
  • Customize it to neighboring buildings by selecting the color of your choice from our varied selection
  • Offers excellent added value to the bench
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant to Quebec climatic conditions.
  • Modular: Use only the bench, the bench with the Sirius planter or even two benches, separated from a planter. 
Technical specs

Sirius flower planter configurations

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