Concrete Ottoman: An Ideal Solution

Our concrete ottoman is the ideal solution to allow people to sit quietly, place their personal belongings and enjoy the outdoors! A perfect way to combine the practical side with the finesse of concrete to brighten up your green spaces.

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The concrete pouf: integrate it as you wish!

Whether in a playground, a green space, a skatepark or simply in front of a building, concrete ottoman harmonize perfectly with the environment in which they are located. Why not personalize them by writing an inspiring text, a quote or something else to inspire passersby?

Take the design of your rest areas to another level by installing durable urban furniture. They require no maintenance or winter storage. The perfect elements to motivate people to enjoy the fresh air while being comfortably seated!

pouf béton
pouf béton

Reflecting on the urban furniture of tomorrow

At Jansen Industrie, the outdoor environment is important to us. Our products are made from 100% ecological concrete, are durable and very robust.

Whether you are looking for a picnic table, bench, lounge chair, pouf or other, we will be able to carry out your project by giving it the aesthetics and high-end cachet offered by concrete. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your project with you!

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