Luna Bench

  • Timeless design
  • Smooth graffiti-resistant surface
  • Choice of colour
  • Groove on bottom of backrest (no water accumulation)
  • Diamond and Kevlar polished finish
  • Seats 3 adults
  • Scellant de protection
  • Weight: 2,600 lbs
  • Optional logo on backrest
  • Can be made from eco-friendly concrete, containing glass powder, equivalent to 233 glass bottles per bench

Sirius Option

It is now easy to add a touch of aesthetics to traditional concrete benches thanks to the planter option for the Sirius Bench. All your arrangements will be highlighted in this planter!


  • Timeless design
  • Smooth graffiti-resistant finish
  • Choice of colour
  • Protective sealant
  • Diamond and Kevlar polished finish
  • Can add an engraved game
  • Can be made from eco-friendly concrete, containing glass powder, equivalent to 233 glass bottles per bench

Your dreams are our reality


    • Graffiti-resistant sealant
    • Sloped edges
    • Selection of colours
    • Maintenance-free stainless steel net
    • No anchoring required
    • Diamond and Kevlar finish on table and base seals the concrete’s pores, making the surface hard and smooth and creating a graffiti-resistan finish
    • Can add an engraved game


Urban sphere 32 inches in diameter
Can be installed at different levels in the ground creating a playful environment

Lounge chair

Increase the elegance of your environment by having a concrete lounge chair.

  • Selection of colors available
  • No anchoring required
  • Timeless design
  • Anti-graffiti and weatherproof materials

Collection bin

Use this bin to deposit your garbage, your recyclable waste or to practice composting.

Astra Bench

A backless bench with a timeless look, graffiti proof and available in several colors.


What could be better than a place to sit, drop off your things and enjoy the outdoors? Our concrete ottoman are the ideal solution! Combine practicality, elegance and simplicity to brighten up your green spaces. The can also be customized according to your needs!

The ottomans have a dimension of 30”D x 28″W x 19″H and are made of 35 Mpa concrete with air and reinforcement. The exterior is made of smooth concrete and is anti-graffiti. Average weight of 520 kg.

Some of our creations


Several of our products are made with recycled glass. A smart way to deliver eco-friendly products.

Custom made concrete

Whether it is a non-standard size concrete block or a piece of concrete furniture, we are curious to hear about your project. Since our creation, we have developed some standard products and finishes. However, if they do not meet your current needs, we can create new designs and play with finishes, shapes, colors and sealers on demand to design a custom poured concrete product for you.