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The concrete benches we offer are perfect to be installed in parks, festivals or in a variety of urban environments. A perfect way to enhance the aesthetic side of the traditional benches that we can see!

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The Luna bench: A sleek and versatile design

It is now possible to add a touch of aesthetics and elegance to green spaces thanks to the Luna bench and its integrated option of flower planters. Your facilities will be perfectly highlighted with its timeless design! Featuring an anti-graffiti surface, it is perfect for parks and other spaces frequented by a mass of people. Can comfortably seat 3 adults.

Available in several colors to choose from, its finish will not leave you indifferent. A slot is designed to reduce water accumulation, its smooth finish is polished in several stages, in addition to having affixed a protective sealant. Finally, it is possible to integrate a logo in the backrest, presented in the form of a stainless steel plate or engraving, at your convenience. You will enjoy this bench for many years to come, given its great durability.

Floral arrangements directly on the bench? It's possible!

A warm and welcoming place to sit and take a moment to rest, that’s what the Luna – Sirius bench flower planters option provides! With its own structure, this flower planters offers more privacy to its users. Match it to the color of the bench to harmonize the space. Modular, you can also add a second bench if necessary. This is an effective solution to encourage people to take advantage of green spaces in a beautiful way!

Take advantage of quick and easy installation at all times, in addition to personalized service for your project. Do you have an idea in mind? Contact us and we will be happy to analyze the feasibility of your project.

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Sirius flower planters configurations

The Orion bench: An innovative design with multiple possibilities

Why not have fun creating an extraordinary urban space with the Orion bench? It is possible to easily seat 4 to 5 people, in addition to creating many different layouts thanks to the addition of another bench. Since this model does not offer a backrest, you will be able to design a unique and spectacular area with the help of this unique bench.

Like the other concrete products we offer, the Orion bench is durable, requires no maintenance or storage and is anti-graffiti. Ideal in all types of environments, visitors will appreciate sitting there to enjoy the moment, all that’s left is to give them a reason to enjoy the green spaces!

Technical specs

Orion bench configurations


Furniture Electrification

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