Concrete Noise Barrier Wall : Sound Barriers

Who says a concrete noise barrier wall has to be bland and unattractive? We manufacture a vast range of products able to significantly reduce sound in a given area, especially along roadside. Compliance with standards is a priority!

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A combination of materials to create a unique product

Our concrete sound barrier wall is designed specifically to be aesthetically pleasing and to have significant sound attenuation properties on both sides of the wall. This type of noise reduction wall can be combined with architectural concrete blocks to achieve specific heights. It is now possible to combine an elegant look, while being harmonious with the landscape thanks to a template resting on real natural stone.

Weighing more than 5,000 lbs, the solidity and stability of the concrete sound wall effectively reduces noise pollution. It is also easy to adapt the wall to your project, whether by customizing the color or by combining different materials. Our noise wall is ideal for municipalities with a rigorous urban plan to reduce noise level. It is an effective method to prevent noise pollution, making it a great ally.

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