Concrete Futtoc Table: A new must-have

Enhance your green spaces with the brand new concrete Futtoc table. This trendy outdoor sports table is sure to be enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart.

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Futtoc is an outdoor table game that cleverly combines elements of table tennis, soccer and volleyball. Played one-on-one or in pairs, the objective is to pass a soccer ball over the Futtoc table net. Similarly to soccer, players use their feet, chest, head, and knees to score points.

It’s an entertaining and dynamic sport that provides football players with an opportunity to improve their skills. Our concrete Futtoc table is perfect for schoolyards, sports fields and parks.Provides a safe play area for everyone

  • Ideal for parks and schools
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Does not need to be anchored to the ground
  • Personalize your Futtoc table with luminescent strips
  • Incorporate your custom logo

Discover the world of Futtoc with our outdoor concrete table game!

partie de futtoc sur table béton
concrete futtoc table
table de futtoc en béton bandes luminescentes

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