Landscape Series Architectural Blocks

All of the architectural blocks we offer are designed to be durable and strong. Easy to install, the Landscape Series blocks offer an interesting option to enhance your property and landscaping. Use them for tight areas requiring small machinery.

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A specially designed block

Dimensions of blocks created specifically for tight spaces and can be handled with mini machinery. This block with reduced dimensions was created to be installed with small machinery. Perfect if you wish to design a durable retaining wall in a limited space.


14” x 16” x 32”
(356 mm x 406 mm x 813 mm)


14” x 16” x 48”
(356 mm x 406 mm x 1219 mm)


14” x 16” x 64“
(356 mm x 406 mm x 1626 mm)

Colors that blend with the landscape

You will find the ideal shade for your project among our 4 distinct color choices! Customize your architectural block with the color of natural concrete, anthracite grey, barn wood or silica stone. The architectural blocks of the Landscape Series are ideal for residential, commercial or municipal sectors. They will provide you with a retaining wall that demonstrates design and texture, for an absolutely fabulous and natural look.

Wall Design

Landscape Series architectural blocks are quick and easy to install. The male and female ends on the 4 sides ensure that the interlocking of the blocks is well secured. Landscape Series architectural blocks are ideal to have peace of mind for many years to come!

Top Block

Available with or without crowning. Opt for a lighting option on your crowning.

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Stackable Block

The Landscape Series architectural blocks are installed in lengths of 64″ (1626 mm). Using 48″ (1219 mm) blocks to intersect the corners as needed and 32″ blocks (half block) to stagger the joints, to allow you to always work in 64″ (1626 mm) lengths. Different options are available for the top blocks.



14" x 16" x 32"


14" x 16" x 48"


14" x 16" x 64"

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