Concrete Picnic Tables

Enhance your common areas with concrete picnic tables; an excellent way to encourage people to take a moment to gather with their family, friends or colleagues and enjoy the fresh air!

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A practical and unifying product

  • Can seat between 4 and 6 adults
  • People with reduced mobility: the table is designed and thought out for people with reduced mobility, i.e. the person can slide their chair to the end of the table and enjoy a moment in good company, while being comfortably seated.
  • Possibility to engrave a game of your choice directly on the table, according to our selection
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Does not require any ground anchors
  • A protective sealant is applied, to make the table durable
  • Gorgeous full charcoal gray color
Technical specs

Reliability signed Jansen Industrie

The products that we offer you have a lifespan that goes beyond your expectations. They are easy to install, maintenance-free and require no winter storage. Meticulous care is given to the finish of the products, making it possible to preserve their durability while also protecting them from bad weather and other problems such as graffiti, vandalism or theft.

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