Reinforce security with concrete bollards

Reinforce security with concrete bollards

19 April 2023

Whether you run a business, a municipality or a city, security is a primary concern and one that is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. There are many solutions to ensure the safety of individuals and infrastructures, while enhancing the aesthetics of the premises.

One of these solutions is the concrete urban furniture developed in our Blainville factory. Did you know that flower planters can act as barrier bollards and offer additional protection? Continue reading to discover the benefits of these innovative products!

What is an anti-ram bollard ?

Bollards are sturdy structures used to block or control vehicle traffic. They are usually made of metal, aluminum or concrete. These barriers are installed in rows or groups to prevent cars, trucks and other vehicles from entering a specific area. Bollards also prevent vehicles from entering a sidewalk, pedestrian area or bike path.

The protective bollards act as external barriers and are designed to protect against potential collisions with vehicles. They are manufactured with high quality materials, which meet all safety requirements. The bollards can be customized with various logos or engravings, reflective strips or luminescent strips to ensure better visibility.

Jansen’s flower planters are a great way to protect your facilities. They are robust and durable. It is possible to relocate them or to fix them for a permanent installation.

Benefits of the concrete bollard

By choosing Jansen Industries concrete bollards, you not only benefit from elegant products, you also take effective steps to increase safety in your area. The dimensions of our bollards are larger than those of other models available on the market. This makes them the best solution for maximum security.

Our security bollards will give you peace of mind by providing additional protection between pedestrians, buildings and potential hazards. In addition, they increase the level of security in the event of a car ram attack.

Customization options allow you to tailor the product to your needs, while ensuring that it meets safety and environmental regulations.

Optimal visibility

It is important that safety installations are highly visible to ensure that people are aware of their existence. This is especially true in areas where vehicles can travel at high speeds.

Many bollards are equipped with luminescent strips, ensuring better visibility during low light hours. Some models even allow for the installation of reflective strips, making them perfectly visible both day and night. These bollards are ideal for roadsides and high-traffic areas.

Signage and more

Besides providing additional protection from vehicles and people, bollards can also be used for signage when necessary. This can include warnings of potential hazards or directions on how to safely use a facility or area.

Depending on the model you choose, signage can easily be added and moved to where it is needed. This keeps pedestrians informed, while protecting those around them from danger and injury at all times.

renforcer securite paneau

Easy to install

Jansen Industries concrete bollards can be removable or permanently installed with anchors.

One of the main advantages of this product is its ability to stop vehicles on impact. This product does not turn into a projectile, which can lead to greater damage.

Opt for Jansen  

For all your security needs, we offer a range of reliable and robust anti-ram protection. These products are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. They offer maximum protection against potential vehicle or travel hazards.

One of the main reasons businesses, municipalities or cities invest in bollards is to improve security around their facilities. They can be used for :

  • Protect pedestrians and property from vehicles
  • Prevent cars from parking in restricted areas 
  • Mark the boundaries between pedestrian and vehicular spaces
  • And much more!

In this way, they can help reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and property damage. These measures are particularly important in high-traffic and crowded areas.

The available customization features allow you to make these products fit seamlessly into your environment. At the same time, they offer a higher level of security to your employees, customers and citizens.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you strengthen your security!